Envision’s collective experience is more than 100 years in development, implementation, project management & support. Thirteen out of fifteen 4-star/5-star hotels in Kuwait are using Envision solutions. Our software solutions seamlessly integrate with native applications like Epicor, Sun Systems and Opera. We have successfully completed various complex integration projects in the Hospitality sector. We have also developed strong Micro-Vertical solutions like Guest Visa Management Solution & Hotel CRM. We are also the regional distributors for the PassportScan solution.
From implementation of Envision Solutions to business process study, we work with clients to determine their needs that would prove pivotal in achieving the organization 's vision.

Envision services summed up -



HR professionals specialize in finding, recruiting, selecting, training and developing employees, as well as maintaining employee relations or benefits. Training and development of professionals ensure that employees are trained with modern thinking and have continuously updated their skill sets.

The 'Envision Human Resource Management System' is an innovative solution that enables effective utilization of an organization’s human resources. It is a contemporary cloud-hosted, cross-platform software that helps a company manage its human resource data efficiently with on-the-go access.

Cloud Hosted

Easy Employee Onboarding

Attendance & Leave Management

Easy Payroll


Envision Health Club Management System makes it possible to easily manage your health Club and Spa .It allows you to track your members' attendance, process payments and POS sales, track inventory and even manage and schedule Personal Training sessions from within the software. Envision HCMS also provides robust membership reporting capabilities for effective health club management. It is now available in Kuwait with local support and easy installation. Very secured and robust database with unlimited membership and easy to use interface makes the system a single choice for any kind of Health Club and Spa.

Customer Management

Track member and prospect interests then create mailing templates, labels and blast emails for marketing. ‎Guest register with integrated lead- and prospect-management functions. Track marketing sources, book ‎appointments, tours and guest usage. See a visual schedule of appointments. Trace one week or other promotional passes and coupons.

Membership Management

Join or add family members. Pay balance due and renew or upgrade membership. Change account information and ‎see status of dues payment. Buy gift certificates. Refer a friend. Book a birthday party, reserve a meeting room, etc. ‎Additional info — See family members, cycle billing transactions, etc.

Member Check In – Check Out

Allows members access any time they need to come to the club. Keeps the club secure 24/7. Ties into software to control door/entry access based on valid membership.

AR Management

Complete accounts receivable management for all revenue and interface with your existing Financial\ERP solution. ‎View your processing schedule, billing journals, club billing statements, problem reports. See past A/R history, print ‎statements and generate invoices when needed. Access your clubs Locker billing, Automatic renewals and Current ‎Sales Analysis reports. ‎

Reservation & Appointment Scheduling

Members can book courts, enroll in classes and schedule personal training online. Members can pay for bookings ‎charges at the club and complete waiting list management and email reminders for class renewal. Re-enroll participants ‎for the following session. Members and trainers can view and book appointments online — allowing scheduling even when your club is closed. Trainers can edit their schedules online any time.

Guest Reward Center and Free-biz

Reward your guest by giving Gifts Certificates and Vouchers. Also provides various complimentary club services and tracks its consumptions. Link Rewards with any sort of club business benefit.‎

Locker Management

Manage the complete temporary and permanent lockers with respect to member allocations, availability, location, ‎revenue etc.‎

Picture Capture

Include a picture of your member using most any digital camera, scanner or import from file. No extra licensing or ‎software is required.‎

Locker Management

Manage the complete temporary and permanent lockers with respect to member allocations, availability, location, ‎revenue etc.‎

Marketing Tools: E-mail, Personalized SMS, Bulk SMS

Communicate with members and prospects via email. Create billing and collections letters. Manage surveys. ‎Renewal emails. Welcome to new members. Holiday, hours or staff changes. Create customized, personal letters.

Front Desk Comments

Members and guests can check in even when a front-desk computer is being used. Fingerprint recognition check-in ‎available. Quick insert of new members allows immediate “Member” feeling and stores the information of the credit card. ‎Family view and multi-person check in. See Emergency Information and that day’s appointments.

Barcoded ID Cards

Track members using barcoded ID cards with a picture. There are several ways to use ID cards with Envision HCMS. ‎This included ID card maker allows you to create attractive cards using your laser or inkjet printer. We natively support most plastic card printers or use your current cards if you like.

Business Reports

Comprehensive marketing, tracking, sales, revenue and usage reports by menu choice. Quick club profile shows ‎synopsis of the business. See personal training reports, gift certificate tracking, and more. Account for deferred ‎revenue and liability.


PassportScan increases operational performance at the Front Desk. Optical Character Recognition Technology reads data contained in ID documents within seconds. Ready for immediate exporting to your Property Management System or Interface with Micros Fidelio, Opera, Protel, Sihot etc. Using exclusive OCR (Optical character recognition) the guest's passport or ID card is recognized and the image is scanned. The guest reservation information combines with ID information, to create a digital registration card. This can be reviewed and the guest signs on a signature tablet. With DFF (Dynamic form fill) or dynamic exporting (CSV, TXT, and XML) all the necessary data is transferred directly to the guest PMS profile.

Scan to PMS

Capture guests’ ID for immediate integration into your PMS (Property Management System), CRM or database. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to scan passports and other identification documents in seconds.

Registration Cards

Registration Cards are automatically generated after data‘s capture. They can be printed on paper, as the traditional way or digitally signed on the tablet.

Customer Profile

Create a complete customer profile combining:
Personal data
Privacy Management
Document images (back/front) with additional images, e.g. Visa
Registration card
Business and company details
Stay Safe
Stay on the safe side with PassportScan:

Stay Safe

Stay on the safe side with PassportScan:
Document verification via ultraviolet and infrared scans
Address validation engine (AVE)
Data-transmission to police or governmental institutions
Strong encrypted SQL database


Reduce the chance of human error! Precise OCR and the integrated Address Validation Engine (AVE©) guarantee accurate client profiles.


Save money through scanned images, digital registration cards and e-invoices. Replace the paper documentation and reduce your Co2 footprint.

Dynamic Form Fill

Send data to your P.M.S (Property Management System) or in-house system without the need for costly interfaces, DFF (Dynamic Form Fill) allows PassportScan to forward data to practically any PMS in the market. Scan the document and press one key to fill out the guests profile fields in seconds

Regular Guests

Details of guests who have stayed before are easily found in PassportScan. With no need to rescan, the arrival is created with one click and the check-in is even faster

Data Importing

PassportScan can import arrival information from your PMS, from online bookings and from travel agents forms. Data such as Room rate, Length of stay, Room type, etc… Can be imported in XML, CSV and TXT. This combines with the ID information of the guest, and auto-fills the digital registration card which the guest can view.

Police & Gov Data Transmission

PassportScan can create and forward records and statistics to the Police and Government departments.


At any moment all kinds of statistics about customers can be available: Total monthly number of arrivals, more frequent nationality, number of adults and children who stay in the hotel, means (averages)

Biometric Digital Signature

An authentication method that uses the dynamics of a person’s handwritten signature. The pen pressure and duration of the signing process, which is done with a stylus on a touch screen or digital-based pen tablet, is recorded as an algorithm that is compared against future signatures.

Export Dynamic File

You can now create a file containing the scanned data to export to your PMS, choosing the fields you want to export, the order and including the client’s photo, if required. This feature allows full integration in an easy way with your PMS. With DFF (Dynamic form fill) or dynamic exporting (CSV, TXT, and XML) all the necessary data is transferred directly to the guest PMS profile.


Envision Visa Management System is a powerful localized solution for Kuwait which tracks the complete cycle of Visa processing. It starts from a Hotel Sales Manager request till the foreign guest enters the hotel. Now Guests no longer need to face difficulties at the Airport because of lost document tracking or visas not being issued. This in turn increases Hotels customer service and loyalty, which is the most important aspect of the Hospitality industry. Below is the brief functionality of the solution.

Easy To Use Web Based GUI

Envision Visa Management System (EVMS) is fully integrated and features highly intuitive user interfaces and workflows, flexible configuration and single sign-on accessibility. Easy interface to enter data allows users to speed up data entry and update of data. EVMS is a pure web based solution built on Microsoft technology which enables any key person to access the application from anywhere on any device.

Visa Request
Simplified Visa request records with a wide range of following information:
Personal Information
Passport Details
Employer details
Stay details
Utilization Details

Internal Approval

Each visa request is controlled by approval. Multiple levels of approval can be attached. This module is a secure interface to approve such transactions for management.

Ministry Details

Once the Visa is applied to the Ministry, this module records the legal information of the visa as well as the status of visa like approved, rejected etc. with proper remarks

Front-Office Details

This module allows Front-Office to record the Guest’s actual stay information like Arrival/Departure date, Room no etc for future reference and reporting purposes.

Reporting Module

This module delivers fast and online meaningful information, to help you track and manage Visa Request. Wide range of reports covers all the modules.


Our other services can be summed as — • Business Process Study & Re-engineering • Health Check and Technology Consultation • Project Management Services • Hospitality CRM consultation • Infrastructural Services

Software Development

Total Control over how your software works, enhancing your existing solutions with data flow between applications. We believe in turning your thought into realism.

Website Development

Spectacular web designs for seamless interaction, We understand all aspects of Internet strategy, We can make custom solutions with unique designs & create a Quality Website.

Mobile App Development

Our Team of Developers have years of experience creating custom mobile applications for iOS, Android & Windows Platform Devices.

Digital Marketing

We go above and beyond to deliver results so if you want to succeed online, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in digital marketing.


The Most Intuitive Payroll Management with features to Answer your Requirements. Payroll management and processing to produce accurate, timely payroll in-house, payday after payday.


Improve time management of your entire workforce and cover all types of employee absences.


Conducting day to day HR operations from anywhere is now easy with envision HRMS. It gives the employees easy access to all their data and complete quick actions on the go.


“I have been using Envision HRMS software for the past 10+ years and it is a fantastic product. I have used more than 3 different payroll software earlier which were not user-friendly as Envision HRMS. Envision HRMS software adapts your requirements and provides tailor made solutions and helps get desired results”

Mohammed Shakil Financial Controller

“First of all we want to appreciate the Envision system team for their usual support and cooperation.The HR System helps an organization deliver its corporate strategy and objectives by effectively recruiting and developing people and managing their performance.The HR system helps us to save all the employees data and information to speed our working and increase our productivity”

Abdulrahman AlOthman Business Management Supervisor

“Envision HRM system helps us in reducing our workload and increases the HR department efficiency and saves a lot of time. Envision is flexible, user friendly and all our users are happy with the system. It makes our payroll process easy. We are extremely happy with their technical support team which is excellent and always helps in customizing their software as per our requirements in a short span of time”

Tesey Thomas Cluster Director HR, Learning & Development



    Our customized services come with flexible cost-effective prices to suit all businesses. Reach out to us with your needs and let us provide innovative affordable solutions.